Monday, November 19, 2007

Sadashi Inuzuka

Deep Blue, 2006
Porcelain objects, blue rectangle.

My name is Sadashi Inuzuka. I started as a ceramics maker, and then soon after I just started making installations using ceramics and other mediums. Now I am all over the place, but still clay is my primary medium.

It’s a very difficult question, but I think I’m searching for something, but I’m not quite sure. There are two parts of the answer. One part would be why I do. I think I would like to express some creative with energy and then I have a concern about life, and the relationship between nature and life. And I would like to express that concern, and also not only concern, it’s hope. But that’s very surface. In the deeper, deeper side, there are lots of layers, and layers, and layers, and layers of questions and reason to do, and that I don’t know. Probably I will never know, but I keep searching. That’s what I do.

I think the contribution to community is a very, very hard one, because while I’m making, in the creative process, I don’t think, it’s afterwards, sometimes comes, how can I contribute to community. Mainly, to me, it’s a very, very, selfish activity what I do, yet lots of people tell me but that in the end you are contributing something, and that all I have to do is believe I have contributed. As a maker, while you are making, it is very, very difficult to think that way. All I can do is hope what I do I have been able to contribute something to this society. As an artist of course, I often think I would like to give back to community. I still have hope, but I can not say how I’m contributing.

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