Monday, November 19, 2007

Charles McGee

Unity, 2007
Stainless steel and aluminum.

My name is Charles McGee, I am an artist from this area. I have learned how to make art to a certain extent out of observation and deduction. I observe life, I observe nature’s giving to me the propensity to take its elements and push them around, and it becomes a teaching process. And that has to do with learning enough that you are able to teach well. The whole pursuit of this learning process for me has been almost a love/hate affair. Because it bothers me that we are in the predicament that we are in the world and yet, we can only take it so far as the teaching is concerned. I’m delighted that nature gave me this propensity to share the little information it has given me. And that is the motor that drives me into tomorrow, thinking about what I can do to help humanity if indeed I can contribute. But, as puzzling as it is to me, it’s very beautiful to see some of the results that have come out of the teaching process, it’s continual, it’s compulsive, it’s always there. Everything that I do is about trying to make tomorrow a better day, not only for myself, but for all around me, and I think that that’s the reason that I was given talent in the first place. I am very interested in materials and methods, and the logic that comes out of that for me, is all consuming, I sleep it, I drink it, it’s just total in making me the kind of person that I am, and consequently having the little richness that I have from nature’s gift, I try to give it back. That’s it.

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