Monday, November 19, 2007

Anne Mondro

Souvenir: Time, 2006
Crocheted wire
Souvenir: Coupling, 2006
Pencil erasers, copper, brass, watch parts.

My name is Anne Mondro. I’m a mixed media, sculpture artist. I’ve been working on life-sized crocheted figures of the human form.

Why I do it? Part of it is because it feels good. It’s a way for me to express my ideas. As a little girl I had a severe speech impediment, so speaking was hard, and expressing myself verbally was so difficult that I started to draw and color. That to me was my way of expression and I’ve been continuing that and it’s developed into my passion. Within my work, I really hope that my work speaks to others about issues of empathy and feelings and emotions and things that are significant to who we are.

Well for me, having my own issues, there are feelings of times of embarrassment, times of struggle, and illness within my family, the need to be empathetic is so vital to me and art is one way that you can reach out to others. You can create a community as well as to express emotions that usually you don’t share. I hope my work does that.

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