Monday, November 19, 2007

Adnan Charara

Bow to the King, 2007
Oil on canvas, cricket ball
Destiny, 2006
Found Object

I am Adnan Charara and I am a visual artist. I believe the best way to describe my work is, I’d like to call myself a visual poet and a philosopher. Most of my work has to deal with certain issues that I believe I would love to address. From there I do my research and then I proceed with my work.

And therefore I work in many different mediums, because I’m not confined to one particular medium, whether paint or sculpture or any different tool. Because to me, all these things are more tools that help me convey the right message what I would like people to understand.

Why do I do these things? The same reason I feel I take a fresh breath every day. The same reason I feel I need to eat. I need to create. I need to do art. I need to show my perspective to people and hope to bring some understanding or awareness so that people can really connect together and understand each other as a human being to make this place a better place for the duration of time I’m on this earth. That’s it.

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