Thursday, December 20, 2007

Visitor Comments

Selected comments from our guest book and emails we've received about the show:

“An unanswerable question—keep asking! Thank you.”

“Beautiful, not too often do you witness the blend of artist and artist’s work. (Made me cry.) It’s so honest and real. Thank you. ”

“Since experiencing the WHY exhibit, the words that keep coming to mind are connection and transcendence. Connection of artist to artist, artist to medium, artist to community, artist to suffering, suffering to hope, community to community. Many of the artists openly, and bravely, shared how their creativity is their connection to their suffering, yet also the vehicle to sanity and survival. I could not help but think of how this reflects on the human spirit to continually allow itself to embrace agony and oppression, and then struggle for transformation.

This is a very important exhibit as it demonstrates the pain and disillusionment in our local, national and international communities. Yet it also speaks to the unending desire for transcendence and perseverance."

I applaud you, the sponsors, and the artists for presenting an incredible, courageous, and moving experience.”

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